Will Smith‘s production company, Westbrook inc, is now hiring in Los Angeles, California.

Amid the Coronavirus pandemic, millions of Americans are out of a job, furloughed, or switching careers. Now, Jada and Will Smith’s production company, Westbrook, inc. is now hiring people to join their team.

About Westbrook inc:

In 2019, Deadline reported Will and Jada Pinkett Smith launched their venture production company Westbrook inc. “It is a cross-platform holding company formed to execute the Smith Family’s global content and commerce business strategy.”

The company has a stellar staff including high profile industry influencers and executives. Deadline describes the vision as, “The idea behind Westbrook Inc. is to leverage the Smith Family’s experience and success in entertainment and media along with their proven success in new media and technology landscapes, and bring it under one roof. The goal is to create and curate powerful and inclusive content across all major platforms – from short and mid-form digital content, to more traditional television series and motion pictures.”

Westbrook Jobs

According to the job posting, Westbrook inc is now hiring “Readers for our Motion Pictures and Television departments to provide script coverage”.

“This includes reading and analyzing scripts, books, articles, graphic novels etc and providing summaries with comments on structure, characters, dialogue, theme, and general opinions, ultimately deciding if the script and/or material should be considered, strongly considered, considered with revisions, or if we should pass on it,” the job posting reads.

Job requirements include the following:

  • All applicants must provide a script coverage sample to be considered.

  • Film degree and/or professional coverage experience for a production studio.

  • This is a part-time, remote work position.

To apply, click here

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