Why I Charged $15 For Fans To See My Baby Bump!

London Goheen, an instagram model with a following of 550,00+, has recently come under scrutiny for charging fans $15 to see her baby bump on OnlyFans.com

London seen out in LA before the pregnancy

The instagram sensation, who is expecting a newborn with fiance Reece Hawkins, which will be the couples first. The 22 year old, received alot of negative backlash after announcing that she will be charging $14.99 (USD) on exclusive content website/app OnlyFans.

'She's literally charging people for her OnlyFans to view pics of her bump? What the f**k,' - Stated an instagram follower.

The Daily Mail also reported, "One fan said that while she's happy for influencer Reece, 25, and London, they just can't comprehend coughing up the cash for the images. 

Another follower also commented, "'Congratulations. I would love to keep track of everything for your pregnancy. Just like with your relationship to watch you guys grow together... But I don't want to pay for an OnlyFans...'

However, not all fans of the model thought the idea was as bad as others claimed, saying it's 'so much safer and more secure!!' Last Wednesday, Reece and London publicly announced that they're expecting their first child together, just weeks after Reece popped the question! 

American model London made the announcement on Instagram, by sharing a sweet image of herself kissing the influencer Reece. 

London's announcement from her Instagram.

'Been busy growing a BABY in my belly with this one wbu?' London captioned the image.

According to the Daily Mail, Reece also shared similar images of the pair, calling London his 'Baby Momma' and the 'love of my life.' 'Baby Momma alert. Having a baby with the love of my life and my best friend,' he wrote.  

London, who recently moved to the Australians Gold Coast to live with her new Fiance, also shared a lengthy statement on her Instagram story (above), explaining that she'll only be uploading about her pregnancy journey on another platform, before linking to her OnlyFans account.

'I'm so excited that I can finally share with y'all the news that I'm PREGNANT!!!' London's post began.

She said she made the decision to post on OnlyFans because over the years she and Reece have been 'harassed to the point where we've had to seek legal action.'

'We've also been harassed to the point where we've had to seek legal action a few times due to harassment, bullying and stalking over the last year... with that being said I've decided I'm going to share my pregnancy journey on another platform where I feel SAFE and POSITIVE,' she explained. 

She added that she wants to welcome her child in a 'happy and healthy environment.'

Drop a comment below on your opinion! Do you think London is right for charging fans?

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