Why Freelance Modelling can be more Profitable

The Pro's and Con's of being signed to an agency, and being a freelance model.


For many models, being signed to an agency is a dream come true, and from the start of the fashion industry have played an important part in productions. But however, with technology changing for the better, it is now so much easier to manage yourself as a model or actor, that (sadly for traditional agencies) they are not actually needed as they once were! Of course, it would be stupid to think that the benefits that an agency can bring to your career isn't still valuable. There are many pro's and con's to both methods of building a career and earning a wage, which we will go on to discuss further!

Freelance Modelling:

As mentioned before, you don’t always need an agency in order to find paid modelling jobs or to become famous. With technology alone, you can now actually find ways to manage yourself and earn a living! It is a lot harder to do, so prepare for many late nights working and non-stop grinding, but for many it is worth it and can also always lead to other opportunities that you may not have had the chance to do before! Agencies promote their models; as a freelance model, you'll have to promote yourself. Fortunately, as we said before we live in the internet age: