Top 10 Highest-Earning Supermodels of All Time

Being a model can be challenging enough, but being able to transfer your catwalk skills into a celebrity level and long-term career is a different ball-game. Supermodels like Naomi Campbell, and Kate Moss spent the vast part of their early days on the runway and on magazine covers, but have yet still managed to take their modelling success beyond that, to attain enormous wealth.

In today's industry, the up and coming generation of talented models such as Kendall Jenner, Winnie Harlow and Gigi Hadid have managed to make social media and the marketing styles around the internet to be their main selling point, and depend on the million-dollar (or pound) brand deals, endorsements and appearances as their ever-growing cash-cows (Jenner already has endorsements with Adidas, Tods, Estée Lauder, and Proactiv, to name just a few).

Scroll down for the world's wealthiest models, based on their individual net worth, and estimates from, in ascending order.

10. Naomi Campbell: USD $80 million

Few other models have the experience, success and industry reputation that Naomi Campbell does—and at the age of 48, the British supermodel still often walks the runway.

9. Tyra Banks: USD $90 million

Banks was famously rejected from five different modelling agencies before being signed in the early '90s, but once she was, the rest was history. The 45-year-old might have walked for Chanel and had her own fruitful Victoria's Secret career, but creating and hosting America's Next Top Model is what helped her attain household name status.

8. Adriana Lima: USD $95 million

Like Alessandra Ambrosio, Lima has become one of Brazil's most famous modelling exports, juggling an illustrious Victoria's Secret career with working as a television host, and countless brand endorsement deals.

7. Elle Macpherson: USD $95 million

After growing up on Sydney's North Shore, Macpherson's life completely changed when she decided to pursue modelling work in New York City as another way to pay her bills. Aside from a madly successful career, she's released a highly successful series of workout videos, as well as her own fashion, swimwear and wellness labels.

6. Christie Brinkley: USD $100 million

Brinkley is one of the most well-known Sports Illustrated models of all time, and famously married Billy Joel after she appeared in his 'Uptown Girls' music video. However, at 65 years of age, Brinkley experiences a whole new level of fame for her youthful visage (she's barely aged a day since the '90s).

5. Iman: USD $100 million

Somalia-born Iman is often thought of as the world's first true supermodel of colour, and has been an industry mainstay since as early as the mid-'80s. She's also known for her notoriously private marriage to the late David Bowie, and the couple share a daughter, Lexi Jones, together.

4. Heidi Klum: USD $160 million

Klum first appeared on the Victoria's Secret runway in the late '90s (and became a certified 'Angel' not long after), but it's her television career that's helped increase her fortune—having hosted shows like America's Got Talent and Project Runway.

3. Cindy Crawford: USD $400 million