The Ugly Side Of Modelling - Phoebe Thompson's shocking truths of Fashion Weeks

On Tuesday, the Australian credit analyst, 28, reported to the Daily Mail that she walked the runway at the annual event when she was just 16 years old and witnessed the 'ugly side of the industry'.

'I'm 179cm and I'll never be a size 0 without starving myself. I walked in Fashion Week when I was 16 years old and there was vomit and sh*t in the models bathroom from purging and laxatives abuse,' she wrote on Instagram.

Phoebe relaxing in the sun after Love Island Australia appearance

Over the years, hundreds of models have come forward to reveal the shocking and destructive reality's behind closed doors in the modelling and fashion world. Being told to loose weight in order to become successful and viewed as a 'supermodel' has become a common narrative with modelling agencies and there talents, and sadly a norm within the industry.

Today, another has come forward with the hope of making change within the industry that has been the cause of many mental health issues among the stars that make productions and events possible.

'This is the ugly side of modelling... people need to call this sh*t out,' she added.

'People forget that this disorder is the highest killer of all mental illnesses... you may be thin but is it worth your hair falling out, losing your eye sight, destroying your bones and organs... most of all your happiness,' she continued.

The TV star also claimed: 'Agencies that tell models to lose weight beyond what is healthy should be called out or even have legal consequences for they are encouraging harmful behavior that has lead to many girls dying.'

'I can tag so many modelling agencies right now,'

Posted to Phoebe's Instagram account

Phoebe shot to fame as a contestant on the second of the Australian Love Island.

She entered the villa on Day 4 of the show but she was dumped from the island on only Day 12. The reality television model made Love Island Australia history by coupling up with co-star Cassie Lansdell and becoming the first same-sex couple on the show.

Other models in the industry have also spoke out about the pressuring behavior of agencies and directors, s, including Maggie Greene, who spoke on how she also felt the pressures of having to maintain a certain image in order to be 'accepted' in the modelling world.

She reported to Harpers Bazaar, "Half a cup of oats with berries. Four ounces of chicken with three stalks of asparagus. Not too much salt on the chicken (sodium retains water weight). Coffee, coffee, coffee (for energy)."

"Crunching one liter of ice to burn an extra 160 calories (lessons from the The Ice Diet). Sleep for dinner and an appointment with the scale for breakfast. But I still wasn’t small enough." She added

"Being 5’11”, I had been told my whole life I should try out for modeling, but I had heard the horror stories of girls eating only carrots and turning to hard drugs to stay thin. It wasn’t until I was 16 years old, scrolling through Instagram and tempted by the glamorous lives of supermodels and Victoria’s Secret Angels, that I actually began to see a dream and an opportunity to chase it." "About three months later, I entered a model search and won. I was signed to a local Nashville modeling agency and began doing photo shoots, preparing to meet with agencies in New York at the annual agency showcase. I knew that to be successful, I had to stay a size 2. But all of a sudden, the weight loss stopped—along with my period. I confided in my mom and she forced me to see a doctor, who diagnosed me with amenorrhea, the absence of a menstrual cycle due to starvation, malnourishment, and too much exercise."

"He told me my body was going into starvation mode and if I didn’t start eating more, it could have long term effects that could be detrimental to my health."

"To some extent, I knew this was getting pretty serious, but still, I wanted to achieve a standard of beauty and prove I was worthy of societal expectations. So I continued my extreme dieting with an end goal in mind: the annual agency showcase."

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