Manchester Model - How My Hair transplant saved my life

Matt Peacock, a model based in Manchester, feared his modelling days could be over as his hair line further receded.

No Hair.. No Jobs! Matt feared he would be out of a career.

Reported by the Manchester Evening News, The dad-of-one opted for a hair transplant by Dr Bessam Farjo at the Farjo Hair Institute in Quay Street, and is now opening up on why he went under the knife.

He said: “Losing my hair had been knocking my confidence for a few years and it was really affecting my day-to-day life.

“I felt so much pressure to look good and keep the modelling jobs coming in to pay my bills and keep a roof over my family’s head.

“Social media can be a big problem too, with such an expectation of perfection. We live in such an image-obsessed world."

He also added when reporting to his local newspaper, "You wouldn’t be able to tell from my social media photos that I was worrying so much about my hair thinning because you only ever see the good side.

“I would be watching television and see a guy with great hair and I would feel jealous, thinking 'why can’t my hair look like that?'

“The final straw for me was a shoot for a suit brand where I was asked to put my hair in a side parting and I couldn’t because it was so thin.

“I went for a hair transplant and it has truly changed my life.

"I don’t need to worry about a gust of wind or getting my hair wet anymore.”

Matt, who has had a successful career totaling almost 20 years with his most recent high-profile booking, modelling on Alan Carr’s The Price is Right, is often seen out and about with best pals: Emmerdale star Adam Thomas, his twin brother Scott and their ex-Coronation Street man, older brother Ryan.

Matt, found love with fellow model wife Rachael, who he wed in 2016, and the pair welcomed daughter Lily in 2018. Matt spent years covering up with sketchy angles on his beloved social media photos.

New hair, new confidence!

He feared a balding pate would mean the phone would stop ringing with modelling gigs until he visited Farjo Hair Institute late last year, who have previously treated Coronation Street star Alan Halsall, Burnley striker Ashley Barnes and Cold Feet actor John Thomson.

Matt underwent Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgery, where bundles of up to five hairs in one unit are removed from a part of the hairline that is healthy. Tiny slits are then made in the graft area and the units are carefully implanted, the Manchester Evening News stated.

The operation can take up to 10 hours and involve around 2,000 individual grafts. Matt added: “In the modelling world, if you can get to my age with a full head of hair then you’re probably home and dry and you can expect the work to keep coming. “But many fellas who are losing their hair either give up their career in front of the camera or else find there isn’t enough work to sustain them full-time... I had worked so hard to build my portfolio and my reputation that I wasn’t going to let thinning hair be the end of my career.

“I feel sorry for guys in their twenties who are losing their hair and all they see is perfection on social media, but it’s really not the case.

“Men give each other stick about hair loss but it’s something we all try desperately to avoid. "I know lots of guys in the acting world who use hair fibre spray to mask any balding spots."

With such great results, Matt has even opted to styling a longer hair style than normal! "Which is something I never really used to do," he said.

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