Life After Lockdown - The Future of the TV & Film Industry..

After a year full on tragedy, uncertainty and a sense of confusion for most, with vaccines roll-outs happening around the world, and cases dropping in many countries where Covid-19 variants stuck and effected the worst, we are left asking ourselves as a culture and community within entertainment.. "What does the future hold for talents and companies moving forward from the pandemic?"

The UK government said it was "working closely" with the film and TV industry to address concerns about insurance, along with The Welsh Government claiming it too was "committed to doing everything possible" to support the sector.

For many companies and talents, including UK based production firm Bad Wolf, the past year has been very gloom and tricky. Bad Wolf Productions, who were forced to face an unprecedented obstacle course similar to thousands across the globe, just so happened to be in the middle of filming the last episode of the second series of His Dark Materials when lockdown struck.

"It was a real shock. It got to a situation where due to social distancing we couldn't carry on filming," stated Natasha Hale, Bad Wolf's chief operating officer.

"We were kind of forced into that decision we had to keep our crew safe, and our cast safe. We had to stop filming, which was hugely, hugely disappointing for everybody, and extremely costly."

She said the company were able to furlough half of the 150 freelancers working on the show, but the other half were given their notice.

"It was a huge blow," she said.

With Wales in particular hosting the shooting of TV shows like His Dark Materials and movie Wonder Woman 1984 the nation, along with its sister-country England, is now a global player in entertainment. However, after a challenging year, industry professionals can only wonder, what lies ahead?

Actor Jennifer Ruth-Adams said she was "so panicked" when work was cancelled as Covid-19 took hold last April. Jennifer, along with boyfriend Oliver Morgan-Thomas, also an actor, expressed how the following months were "extremely difficult."

Jennifer Ruth-Adams was "panicked" when work started being cancelled as Covid-19 took hold, whilst partner Oliver was unfortunately not eligible for the UK Government's self-employment income support scheme.

However, TV and film productions have resumed since the first lockdown, meaning there is hope for the couple after all, although competition for jobs is even stiffer as a result of the pandemic, with many loosing work due to lockdowns and hoping to find new roles.

"All of the actors that predominantly worked in theatre, like me, are now fighting for jobs in TV and film because they're the only ones in production at the minute," Jennifer said.

For Oliver, the fact he has no TV or film jobs booked in has left him uncertain and questioning his career choice.

"I worry that financially I might have to think about an alternative career," he said.

"I don't want to, and I probably won't quit yet.. I will keep trying and see if things get better, but it's definitely in the back of my mind."

Another example being Tom Guy, who runs Dragon Studios, near Bridgend, UK. NBC Universal's TV adaptation of Brave New World was filmed there before the pandemic, and Tom remains confident the future for film and TV is bright, despite its hiatus during the first lockdown.

He said if it weren't for the UK Government's industry restart scheme, only a "handful" of companies could have afforded the financial risk of beginning productions again. In recent months, Dragon Studios has seen more inquiries for TV productions than films.

Tom put this down to the fact more people have been using streaming platforms during lockdown, leading to an "urgency to provide more content". He was optimistic the film and TV industries might be able to offer a "lifeline" to those who may have lost work in industries like leisure and hospitality, but who have "transferable skills" to bring to productions.

What are you predictions on the future of the TV and Film industry? How have you been effected by the pandemic? Drop us a comment below!