How To Deal With Audition Nerves

Maintaining your focus and staying calm is important during an audition, but is something many of us often struggle with!

So, you have finally got the audition slot you've wanted and are excited to get the role. You've rehearsed your monologue over and over (and over again), dressed rather suave, and given yourself plenty of time to travel to the audition. Now you're here, your appointment is in five minutes and your palms are sweaty, your knees are weak, and arms are heavy.. But how do you possibly get yourself relaxed, maintain your focus and stay concentrated during such a crucial moment?!

The first step is to realize that the people that will be sitting in front of your during the audition room, DO NOT want you to fail! If they can find the perfect actor for each role, they've done their job well. So your only job and worry is to open up, showcase the skills you have, and let your best self