How To Deal With Audition Nerves

Maintaining your focus and staying calm is important during an audition, but is something many of us often struggle with!

So, you have finally got the audition slot you've wanted and are excited to get the role. You've rehearsed your monologue over and over (and over again), dressed rather suave, and given yourself plenty of time to travel to the audition. Now you're here, your appointment is in five minutes and your palms are sweaty, your knees are weak, and arms are heavy.. But how do you possibly get yourself relaxed, maintain your focus and stay concentrated during such a crucial moment?!

The first step is to realize that the people that will be sitting in front of your during the audition room, DO NOT want you to fail! If they can find the perfect actor for each role, they've done their job well. So your only job and worry is to open up, showcase the skills you have, and let your best self come out. We often feel judged during auditions, but fear not, as they are secretly routing for you to be amazing. (so just show them that you are!)

It can help if you think of your audition as a mini-performance, and as if the casting directors/assistants and such are the audience, simply looking forward to being entertained by the charming and talented actor that you are. When you go into the audition with the mindset of a performance, this way, you're more likely able to share yourself and your talents and skills with the audience, instead of feeling like you're being judged by those who are casting. Think about what it is that makes you love to perform, why you started performing in the first place, and where you hope performing will take you, and then use that energy towards your audition.

Something which is also very important, is presentation and impressions. Being totally confident (not over-confident!) about your presentation, from the moment you walk in the door and introduce yourself to the moment you say "thank you" or "have a great day" and walk out the door. Know what kind of impression you want to create and just choose what you feel are the best aspects of yourself would be to present.

More importantly, knowing your monologue will make things seem 100 times easier! The best monologues tend to be those that you've loved from the moment you started to read through, and have continued to work on over and over until they're almost second nature. When you know a monologue this well, you'll be discovering new things every time you do it, and this keeps your focus on enjoying your performance, even in an audition.

If you pick a new monologue and audition with it the next week, of course you're going to be nervous, because there's too much to think about: lines, beats, character, other characters, feelings, etc. Knowing your monologue will allows you to take a deep breath and tell yourself, "I know this-I've done it hundreds of times. It's not such a big deal." A monologue you know this well feels like your favorite old T-shirt that you love to put on.. Comfortable!

And finally, remember that you can do an incredible audition, and still not get the role for one reason or another. That's a fact of the business and life. It may be simply down to the fact that you didn't look like part of the family they were casting for a film. Or perhaps the producer's brother had his eye on the role you wanted, and, well, he's the producer's brother. You may never know why you didn't get the role, but you always have to believe that you're good enough to play the role, that you would have done a great job. If you dwell on your audition and always tell yourself you're not good enough, this prophecy will probably fulfill itself.

Let the audition go, the same way you let a performance go after it's done, and look forward to the next one. Believe in yourself, that you have what it takes-and let that show through in your audition. Break a Leg!

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