How to catch a modelling agents eye when applying for an agency - 4 Key Tips for Models and Actors

Want to learn the best way to make an impression in seconds every time? Look no further as we give you our top 5 tips on making the best first impression when applying to agencies, or to casting calls as a freelance model or actor.

There are thousands, if not millions of people applying to work with agencies, and freelance roles across the world. This is why it is important that as an actor, model or entertainer in general, you need to make sure you stand out from the crowd every single time you reach out to connect and find work. Whether you are applying to Modelling and talent agencies, management teams, casting directors, or photographers for opportunities, you want to make sure you can stand out from the crowd and get noticed.

Speaking from an agents perspective, it can be a very hard task to find the right person with the time given and amount of applications to go through every day, which is why we wrote this in order to help talents make the best impression they can, whilst at the same time showing who they are as a person and what you have to offer.

Here are our 4 tips to help talents make a good impression today:

  1. Choose your best 3-6 pictures!

When asked to send images (as you will be in same form) make sure you showcase your best 6 images that really showcase your features and style! They dont have to be professionally shot, although this does help slightly, but as long as they are good quality it really doesn't matter! Make sure the lighting is good, you can be visibly seen, no heavy make up, and also different angles is always good (such as a head-shot, full body, portrait, natural etc)

Autumn Thomas - The Beautiq

This is also a good time to showcase previous work, if you have done any. Show some images of you modelling or acting, as well as videos if this is possible. Its always good to show that you are comfortable in the environments in which you will be asked to be in, so showing this is always a positive for your application and also something that will help you stand out. If you haven't done any previous work however, dont worry! As this is not a major factor that agents, scouts and such are looking for. (8 out of 10 really couldn't care less about experience)

2. Be Yourself

Showcasing your humorous side, or letting people know what you stand for is always welcomed in applications and is a good way for agents to get to know about you before you meet. Try not to be overly personal, or political either, but write a few lines about who you are, your story into modelling etc.

3. Be Professional

A lot of applications I receive personally will contain emojis, slang, bad spelling and grammar and the worst of all.. the ones without details!!! When sending an application or reaching out to anyone, you must make sure you are professional, polite and using the correct grammar. This will also help you stand out as you will be taken more seriously!

Another thing to remember which is very frustrating at times, is making sure you fill out or leave the correct details. This is one thing that can effect your chances of getting work, because as much as an agent may love your pictures or videos, if they can not get in touch with you it is pointless!

4. Follow up!

So, you sent out an application to your ideal agency but haven't even had a response email? Well, do not be afraid to follow up and find out what is going on! As stated before (but not making excuses..) agencies go through thousands of emails a day from potentials hoping to join, especially the larger ones, so if they dont get back to you with a yes or no, just drop them a email or a call and follow up. This will show you are eager and want to work with them also, which is always a bonus and something people will notice about you.

Don't feel as though you are pestering either, ask questions.. find out whats going on!

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