Claudia Schiffers' Top Fashion Photography From The 1990's (The Return of 90's Fashion)

The German-born Supermodel is currently curating her brand-new fashion show, complimented with a book on the best fashion photography of the '90s. Perfect timing with the decades current revival into the fashion world..

To say the 51 year old Schiffer was extraordinary as a fashion supermodel is an huge understatement, once holding the record for features on magazine covers (over 1,000 publications thus far). The ba&sh designer is well known for being one of the groundbreaking modelling faces of the 1990s, and today, she has a new book, Captivate!, which curates the spectacular fashion photography from the era.

Schiffer is currently also be taking the narrators role in curating a live photo show, which opened on Sept. 15 at the Kunstpalast museum in Germany. “The 1990s was a watershed decade that welcomed fashion photography and photographers as a driving force in visual culture,” Schiffer told BuzzFeed News in an interview email. "One look at street style, Instagram, or the VMAs will tell you that the ’90s are back and more important than ever."

Watch Claudia Schiffer - Back to the 90's:

Both the newly-released book and the show, as the museum openly promised will be, “​​Über Claudia Schiffer,” and include portraits of Schiffer at the peak of her career and fame, and iconic shots of popular 90's models who climbed the ranks alongside the German talent.

“Fashion photography is a democratic art form, circulating on billboards, digital platforms, packaging and in magazines, it has an enormous sphere of influence,” Schiffer stated in an interview focusing on the brilliance and status of fashion photography, the world of social media, and tackling brand new challenges.

"The 1990s was an extraordinary period which witnessed the rise of a culture of style, the birth of the supermodel, and fearless creativity. Young designers, photographers, stylists, and art directors, as well as hair and makeup artists, emerged and fundamentally changed the way we view fashion and design." Schiffer told Buzzfeed

Speaking on what she feels has changed since the 90's, Schiffer wrote "I think the industry is fundamentally the same, but it has grown beyond my wildest imagination. There are more collections, brands, the pace is faster and social media has had a huge impact. It’s been great for marketing fashion and beauty products, and for models, social media is a superb way to manage your own exposure. The flipside of the big exposure is perhaps the pressure to share everything with everybody. In the 1990s, you could still have a private life."

The accredited supermodel did not always dream to become what she proudly did however, with aspiring to be a lawyer at an early age before being spotted by a modelling agency representative in a nightclub. When asked about her early life, Schiffer said "I loved fashion and read all my mother’s fashion magazines. My mother always wore elegant outfits from Christian Dior and other chic brands. I was very much into the '80s look: vintage jeans and baseball jackets. Modelling wasn’t particularly on my radar and I did not know much about it."

When a modelling scout came up to me one night in 1987 and asked me if I wanted to be a model, I thought it was a joke and suggested my best friend. In a few weeks, I found myself in Paris and the rest is history! I hadn’t even ever been to this disco before that night, so over 30 years later I look back and can see how magical that moment was."

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