3 Reasons to Start Modelling in 2020

Many people always dream about being a model, or told they should be one, but just dont know how or where to start!


Perhaps due to a lack of confidence, or a lack of understanding on the industry and how to find work. In 1970, this may have been next to impossible to become a successful model, whether it be in fashion, catwalks, editorials or commercials.

With such a great amount of platforms and technology available to us, it is now so much easier to chase the dream of becoming a model, even without being represented by an agency or management team. Below, we have conducted a few straight-to-the-point reasons on why you should get the modelling career ball rolling today, and what makes it easier than ever before!

1. Easier to find work than ever!

Although it has been one of the toughest and most challenging years for talents, production companies and, pretty much everyone on the planet! it is still the perfect time for some to start the career that they dream of. With productions, auditions and interviews moving to a more virtual way of communicating, it may be the best time for those wishing to start a career in the modelling and acting industry!

This is due to the nature in the way productions are being arranged during restricted travelling and lock-downs due to Covid-19, which has created a much more accessible industry for those wishing to find roles, whether represented by an agent/manager or not, due to the power of social media and the internet.

Casting Directors and Producers are both having to result to a virtual way of working, including the frequently used 'Zoom Calls', which opens the doors for talents due to the freedom of being able to apply to roles directly through casting sites, without having to travel to the once before main hubs of entertainment (London, Los Angeles etc).

Check out Kristen Henry King breakdown how to prepare for a Zoom or Online audition!

2. Rise of The Freelancers!

As mentioned in a previous article on Freelance vs Agency modelling, we touched on how it is far less important to be represented as it once was, and how you can affordably and, quite easily, build yourself up as a freelance brand in order to find modelling work on your own accord.

With the points mentioned above, use the new online approaches to your advantage! Build a strong social media presence, perhaps create your own portfolio website, and really take time applying for roles! There are many online advertisements, social distance restricted productions etc, so dont feel as though now is the worst time.

3. 'Tradition' has changed!

Before, models were forced into feeling as though they had to portray a certain image in order to be successful.. which we at The Beautiq are more than glad has changed! Today, as it should be, it does not matter about having perfect facial features, being "tall or slim enough", nor does it matter your background or your beliefs. This has rightfully opened the doors for everyone wanting to be a model, and although there are still some requirements for certain productions, has given less pressure and stress when choosing this career path in particular.

With the rise of not only plus-sized models, but also those with disability's and less physically able, the world is at last much more accepting to the reality of all types of people being models, rather than models being chiseled robots as once expected.

Start looking for modelling roles today!